Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Struggling to "Get"? Just Know

We live in a world focused on "getting."  Advertisers tell us we have to "get" relationships.  We have to "get" money. We have to "get" slim.  We have to "get healthy."
If you look closely at all of the these messages, they are tied to selling you something.  Because marketers know how to tap into your emotions.  They depend on your "impulse buying," and they depend on you running fear.  And, it works.  How many times have you been remorseful about something you bought that you didn't need? Or you were so frustrated because you couldn't get something?  You felt you had to "get."
The truth of the matter is that you are a Spiritual Being, living in a material world.  You have the power to attract to you anything you desire.  However, it is not about "getting," straining, or trying to create what you want through your mind.  
It's about the opposite.  Letting go and knowing so you can have.  You have already been given the gifts of prosperity, health, happiness, and relationships.  They simply may have not materialized in your life.  
What separates you from these gifts is feeling you don't have them, and you have to get them.
You can visualize what you want until you turn blue.  But, unless you have the feeling of knowing that what you desire is yours, then you will live in fairytale land with just a wish.
So how do you experience that knowing state?
"The Master Key," by Charles Haanel, written in 1912, which we will be soon studying, is about thinking that whatever you desire, you already have.  All of the great new thought teachers, Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich," Ernest Holmes, "Creative Mind," and James Allen "As a Man Thinketh," knew this spiritual law.  They were all writing about this law in the early 1900s.  Most of us are discovering it now through such books and teachings like, "The Secret."
There is no secret.  Scientist have already discovered that whatever is impressed upon the subconscious mind, it delivers. The mind is creative.  It works every time. If you have doubts about something you would like, it doesn't show up in your life.  If you believe, and know, it shows up.
The conscious mind, what we think about, is the director of the subconscious mind which does not know the difference between real and imagined.  It simply delivers.
We are surrounded by a spiritual substance that is molded according to our beliefs, our thoughts, and it gives to us exactly what we think about.  
So, when you act as if you already have the success, the wealth, the health, the relationships, and feel it deeply with an un-shakeable"knowing," it materializes in your life.
You can think of this magical substance as your God self, that delivers to you what you ask for and know that it is already given.  However, you have to have faith.  You have to know that it is happening.  
See the picture of what you desire, and constantly live every detail knowing it has already happened, without struggling or straining.    Just know.
The mind will fight you and tell you that you have to struggle and strain to "get."  So how do you deal with that energy?  Mindfulness Meditation.  Try to fully focus on whatever you are doing, and release the story of "I don't have."  Instead spend your time feeling you already have.  Be gentle with yourself.  This is a practice. 

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