Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That Doesn't Apply to Me

Have you ever been with someone, and you both see a sad situation, and the person you are with says the famous phrase, "There but for the grace of God goes I"? Or, maybe you have said that yourself when you see someone suffering.  
Whether you have said it, or someone you were with did, it, doesn't matter.  The fact is that phrase is fear-based.  
And, if there is fear present, you may find yourself worried about money, your job,  or walking faster past a homeless or a disabled person fearing you could "catch" what they have. 

Whether you believe in a Higher power or not, if you fear something, you attract it to you.    This is the law of attraction. 
Where did that phrase come from?  Not the Bible as some might expect.  It is widely attributed to John Bradford (1510-1555), an English evangelical preacher.  The word is, Bradford was imprisoned for  allegedly "trying to stir up a mob."  When he saw criminals, fellow inmates being led to the scaffold for punishment for their crimes, he uttered the phrase, "There but for the grace of God goes I." 
In 1955, Bradford  was not beheaded, but instead was burned at the stake alive.
Still want to use his phrase?  

How to Deal with Other's Misfortune.
So, how do you deal with the bad news you hear through others or the media?  Send them love and your good wishes.  Love is the greatest power in the universe, and since we are all connected, like prayers the energy of love connects to  them.  
Don't forget yourself either.    There is a small child inside of each of us who needs comforting, and assurance  when we hear negative news.  Tell yourself it's OK, and send yourself love. It also helps to practice feeling Divine Love surrounding and protecting you always.
Tune into your feelings and thoughts.  Are you fearing that the misfortune you heard  could happen to you?  Awareness (Mindfulness) of thoughts and emotions helps distance you from them.  But, when they are unchecked these same thoughts and emotions, drive you to do and say destructive things.  Mainly, you beat up yourself or overindulge in drink, shopping and other habits.
Now you have prolonged the fear which became stronger, and you have the residual of substance abuse, or a huge credit card bill to deal with.  The underline fear is still there waiting to be handled.
So mindfully tune into your feelings, and thoughts.  Your awareness is the laser that dissolves and moves away fear.  Just by being aware that you are afraid, lessens the hold.
Use Positive Affirmations, or Scriptures.
You can also use a positive self-help phrase, other than Bradford's fear-based phrase, and most importantly, give yourself love.
When you hear of other's misfortunes, you don't really know exactly what happened in their lives to cause the situation, or what is truthfully going on behind their  problems.   
There have been many media interviews people who have lost jobs.  You may think, "That could happen to me too," and live in fear.  But, what you don't know is that person interviewed may have hated the job they lost.  They later went on, like many people do, to find a better job, or start a business making more money than they dreamed, not to mention being happier. 
So when you see a misfortune, drop your fears and try using this phrase: 
 "That Doesn't Apply to Me."
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