Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spiritual Gangsta Meaning and Goldie Hawn

Actress Goldie Hawn was recently photographed wearing a t-shirt with the writing, "Spiritual Gangsta."  
That name stuck in my mind and I became like a gangsta who relentlessly hunts down her hit target.  I couldn't get the title out of my head.  
I wanted to call up Goldie and ask her, "What does that mean?"
Although I have worked with and publicized many celebrities as a former publicist for ABC and CBS, she is one person I would love to meet, but not because she's an Academy Award winning actress.  It's because I have read over the years how she has managed to be faithful to her spiritual self and is open about her beliefs.
It can be extremely difficult for many people balancing their careers with spiritual practices, but especially for those working in Hollywood, where everything is plastic, materialistic, and an illusion of power.
Even though Goldie hasn't appeared in movies in a while, her life partner, actor Kurt Russell, and her daughter Kate Hudson, are also big movie stars.   So Hollywood is still very much in her life. 
On the other side, Goldie who comes from a Jewish/Christian background mediates and studies Eastern philosophies and religions.  She founded the Hawn Foundation  which seeks to help transform children's lives teaching them to be aware of their emotions and thoughts, as well as giving them Mindfulness tools to improve their academic performance, enhance the quality of their lives, and help others in the community.  She believes a peaceful happy child is the first step towards a peaceful world.
We totally get that.  We too have taught Mindfulness to children when Walt and I had our nonprofit, and now we teach Mindfulness to parents.  It's wonderful to feel a busy, anxious classroom filled with children or parents shift into peace.
Since I don't know Goldie, I went inside by meditating and asked for the meaning of a Spiritual Gangsta, which resonated with me so much.  Inside of us all is wisdom and answers.  All we have to do is get quiet, ask, and then trust the answer.
Here's what I came up with:
A Spiritual Gangsta is fierce about spiritual practice.  He or she refuses to let the world, especially negative news depress them. 
A Spiritual Gangsta is strong and looks beyond appearances and knows that inside of them is a power that can overcome anything.
A Spiritual Gangsta defies the odds, and refuses to give in even when it seems life is against them.
A Spiritual Gangsta recognizes that anything that stands in their  way is just a temporary detour.
A Spiritual Gangsta is disciplined, and prays or meditates daily even when their ego says, "You can skip today".
A Spiritual Gangsta turns around negative thoughts and replaces them with positive thoughts.
A Spiritual Gangsta stands up to fear with love and watches it dissolve.
A Spiritual Gangsta turns away from anyone or anything that does not support their dreams and life mission.
A Spiritual Gangsta knows that despite an appearance of a lacking bank account, it's a temporary situation, and that soon they will have prosperity because it's their Divine Birthright.
A Spiritual Gangsta believes dreams can come true, despite the state of the economy or what others say.
A Spiritual Gangsta is a Spiritual Warrior always seeking out the higher truth and turning away from false appearances. 
A Spiritual Gangsta  relentlessly pursues a connection with his or her Higher Self.
Be a Spiritual Gangsta! 

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