Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dealing With Other People's Stuff

"Evening news is where they begin with 'Good evening', and then proceed to tell you why it isn't. " Dan Poynter

Watching the news lately, we see the uprising in Egypt.  Witnessing  anyone angry, sad, or plain unhappy often affects how we feel as well.
However, you must remember that this is their "stuff," and it doesn't have to be your "stuff" too.  You can choose what you allow to come into your consciousness.  You can choose to suffer with one person, or a group of suffering people.
Now naturally when a loved one is suffering it can deeply affect you.  But, you can lessen the emotional draining through Mindfulness/Meditation, and by holding the truth in mind about them and their situation.  The truth is;  In back of all suffering is perfection.  This is what Jesus and Buddha taught.  
Behind illness is health, behind poverty is wealth, behind sadness is joy. 
When a  loved one is going through pain,  it doesn't help them if you become depressed over their misfortune or illness. This simply makes two  miserable people.  You can empathize with them. However, what helps them most , is for you to hold a higher consciousness of them with love, because they can't see light in their present condition.  
An example is when a child comes home depressed because he received a bad grade.  You can hold a lofty vision of them, knowing that they can do better. Often people, no matter what their age, see themselves as complete failures. But, when you see them achieving and express that to them, they are inspired.
When you hold a higher consciousness for someone, you are radiating light.  And, since we are all made up of energy, they feel your positive energy which in turn lifts them up without you ever saying a word.  Telling them to think positive is often difficult when someone is in fear and pain.  
More Ways to Help
You can see their problem in your mind's eye as already resolved to a perfect solution.  If they are sick, picture them well.  If they are broken-hearted, see them happy in love.  If they are broke, see them having wealth.
You can even do this sitting next to a person lying in a hospital bed.  See them whole, perfect and complete.  You are not trying to will them well, or keep them from dying.  Everyone must travel their own path.  You are simply holding the light for them.  They may get well, aided by your love.  If they make their transition, it helps them to go in peace.  And, for you, it's one of the highest, most beautiful experiences you can have, by loving someone leaving this plane. 
(If you fear that you too will get their disease, counter it with, "This doesn't apply to me.")
Visualizing perfection is not a child's play.  What you are doing is looking behind their problem to the truth and that takes courage.  Try to see others as whole, perfect, and complete.
Remember,you are not trying to change, heal, or will them out of their misery or illness.
You are simply are looking at their true selves. 
Your thoughts focused on the good in any situation helps it to transform.  As they say,  "Find the good and praise it."
You can do this with world problems. 
If you are reading about any disturbance or seeing it on television, see that there is a perfect solution.  This helps you from becoming depressed, and sends light to the situation.
See peace restored in Egypt. (Don't get into how their uprising will affect the U.S..   Leave that to the politicians).  It won't make the Egyptians' situation better, if you are upset and living in fear too.  If you can't do something about a problem, let it go.
If you are working with grumpy, gossipy, rude, egotistical co-workers or bosses, know they are simply reacting to their insecurities and fears.  Something disturbing is going on in their minds that is causing them to live in darkness.    You can protect yourself from their "stuff," by surrounding yourself with love, and sending it to them as well. Yes, they will feel will feel your vibration of love because we are all one.
Use this same technique for yourself.  See whatever challenge you are facing resolved easily effortlessly and beautifully. Surround yourself with love.
Here's a great article on how to deal with people in the "Ain't It Awful?" club at work.

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