Saturday, January 1, 2011

Attract Only the Good

It's important to focus only on what you want in life. So many of us mindlessly think constantly about what we don't want in life, and that's exactly what we get. More of what we resist, criticize and judge.

Remember, "Where thought goes, energy flows." So refuse to get caught up in the negative, instead focus on what will make you happy.

Feeling you already have your goals is extremely important. Why? It puts you in that high energy state and activates the law of attraction. It's a wonderful place to be. 

A great time to feel yourself living your goals is when you meditate or say prayers. Make it a habit, just like brushing your teeth. 

After spending five, ten or more minutes feeling and visualizing, then let it go. Why? Because you will start clutching and grasping at your goal trying to make it happen. This is what Buddha and other spiritual masters say causes suffering. That grasping and clutching, tells the Universe you don't have what you want. And the universe gives us back what we project out. 

So see it, feel it, let it go, and have faith. Refuse to entertain thoughts of why you can't have your dreams come true. 

Think about this. Everything you see in the room that you are now in as you read this message, was someone's vision, their goal, before it became a product.

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