Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Can Overcome Any Change or Setback 

Inside of you is a power house to help you deal with any change or setback in your life. You have already been given an infinite supply of love, health (ability to heal), instincts, mind, and prosperity just waiting for you to tap into.

Have you given your power away saying and thinking, "I am sick," "I am broke," "I am fat," I am lonely," "I am too young," "I don't look good," or "I am old"?

If you are, you are looking away from your true power and gifts. Nothing will change in your life until you recognize that inside of you is all that you need to handle any challenges that you may face.

I am half way through a rigorous docent class at the Los Angeles Zoo, and it is clearer than ever that we all have inside of us the tools to overcome difficulties. The class is one of the most intensive,rewarding programs on many levels. But, extremely difficult since it is science based, and credits for UCLA. I can't believe I got a B- on the midterm. Better than I thought.

At first look at the zoo, it may seem cruel that the animals are captive. However, the zoo is primarily a research and conservation program to save wild life and to preserve their habitants from their biggest enemy. Man.

Our study is on the habits of the wild, and how they have adapted to environments.

As we study these animals, it is incredible to see their built in survival mechanisms and skills. The amazing thing is how they have adapted to changes in the wild over hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years.

You Are No Different

I have learned that no matter what species we are, we have been given everything inside of us to not only survive but thrive. Humans of course, are of the highest order. 

It doesn't matter if it is a reptile, primate, bird, inspect, or amphibian, every species has been given the tools to find a mate, the ability to heal, instincts to find and capture food, and build or find shelter.

We too have been given those gifts. And, despite any setback or change,we cannot only adapt to any situation, but overcome and thrive with the right attitude. Nature meant for us too to have the perfect mate, abundancy, shelter, and perfect health.

Whether you call it nature, God, Infinite Wisdom, Higher Self, Infinite Intelligence, or Divine Mind, It doesn't matter. That magnificent force inside of you has already provided you with these gifts, but it has also given you a thinking mind on the highest order of any other species on the planet.

The problem is, we allow our minds to be filled with thoughts that are counter productive. We look away from our gifts, instead of thanking our Higher Selves for what we have already been given, and use those gifts wisely and with faith.

Animals don't have that complicated thinking process. They just know what they have, and go after what they want.

The Tiger, my favorite animal, doesn't think "I will never get food again." Even though Tigers only successfully hunt 10 percent of the prey they go after, they keep trying until they succeed. If you look at that magnificent animal, you will notice that the natural beauty is their breath-taking radiant stripes. However, those marking are meant to blend into the environment to help them to hunt.

And so instead of thinking about what you don't have, think about and give thanks for your gifts. Since you are obviously reading this, a magnificent gift you have already been given is your eye sight they you may be taking for granted. It doesn't matter if you don't have 20/20 vision, you can still see, where many can't/ When was the last time that you gave thanks for your eyes?

When you give thanks for what you do have, you attract what you want in your life. Why? Because you will be on a higher vibration. You can't attract wealth thinking about lack. You can't attract health immersed 24/7 thinking of your health challenges.

I once met Norman Cousins, author of "Anatomy of an Illness" when I publicized his TV movie of the same title. The book is a classic on restoring health. Norman said what helped heal him from cancer was when he had comedy movies delivered to his hospital room. He stopped thinking of being sick and filled his heart and mind with laughter. His healing quickly followed.

I also volunteer for a continuing education program to help high-risk pregnant teens, and teen moms learn how to write. "Write Girl."

When I first met these girls, my first impression was, "These girls are too young to have babies." However, as they talked to me about their plans, and how they have adapted to their new way of life. I see how they have accepted the change in life, and they are now focused on providing a better life, by continuing their education and working. These girls are not sad, but instead are focused on using what gifts they have been given. They proudly show me pictures of their babies, and tell me of their dreams and plans to not only survive, but thrive. Do they wish that they didn't get pregnant? I'm sure some do, but the ones that I work with inspire me because they are not looking at their past. They are focused on the here and now, and their dreams.

And so in all forms of life, from the reptiles, insects, primates, and the teen moms, we have all been given gifts to not only adapt to changes and setbacks in our lives. We can use them to become better.

The key is not to dwell in the past. Learn from it. Live in the present moment. Despite your circumstances, you can be like the Phoenix bird and rise from the ashes.

Light and Love,

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