Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Having a Super Rich State of Mind

I have always been fascinated by Russell Simmons, the media mogul, because he is so outspoken about his practices of meditation, yoga, and being a vegan.
Forbes Magazine recently named Simmons one of "Hollywood's Most Influential Celebrities." USA Today dubbed him one of the "Top 25 Most Influential People of the Past 25 Years," calling him a "hip-hop pioneer" for his groundbreaking vision that has influenced music, fashion, jewelry, finance, television and film, as well as the face of modern philanthropy.    
How does he stay on the spiritual path being so vested in the world with all of his high profile, multi-media ventures, and parenting duties?  So many of us find it difficult dealing with just one job. So, I got an  interview with him for the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper and our Sporting the Right Attitude podcast.  (Hear it below)

Over the years Walter and I have heard many speakers on spirituality from world religions, including Buddism, Native American religion, Judaism,  Hinduism, Christianity,  and various metaphysical practices.  It's  what brings us joy.  But, we have never heard anyone so successful in business speak so openly on the practice of meditation.  
Simmons' shares a remarkable easy technique how to meditate in his new book,"Super Rich," his second  NY Times Bestseller.  Readers may find the title misleading.  It is not a manual on how to get money. Instead, it defines a higher state of abundance through consciousness.  Obviously, it works for him.  

Twenty-five years after he helped found the hip-hop movement and turn it into a huge money-making machine — and an "aspirational lifestyle" for a generation of young people worldwide — his Rush Communications includes three clothing lines, jewelry, fragrances, TV and movie production, a Broadway show, financial services (his own credit card), and philanthropy (he has 3 non-profits),
Simmons produced The Nutty Professor starring Eddie Murphy, the Def Comedy Jam series on HBO and other ventures. His net worth has been variously estimated at somewhere between, $325 million and $500 million.

However, the mogul says practicing the principles in the book, which he humbly says are not new to the world, may bring readers the residuals of good health, better relationships, and yes, financial success. "The ultimate state of being rich is to honestly be in a state of needing nothing," says Simmons.  " To need nothing is to be super rich."

Simmons doesn't claim to be enlightened, but wants people to know that the effects of meditation will enhance their work, relationships and general well being. 
"You want to live in moving meditation, a moving prayer," says Simmons. "When you come out of meditation, you take that quiet place with you.   When you do, you become so much more productive."  

Studies have shown that it is easier for meditators to live in the present moment.  "The anxiety people carry slows them down," says Simmons.  "Nothing happens, except in the present.  No laughter, no creativity.  No special talent. No execution of any idea will come to you.  Nothing happens when there is noise in the mind.  Settling the noise in the mind, should be the number one concern of anyone who desires happiness and success.  You must settle the mind to be successful and happy."

In addition to quieting the mind, Simmons says giving and being one with your Higher Self are vitally important.  "What we are moving toward, is a place of comfortable with the universe, or connected.  And the idea of being connected is the union with, as Yogi's say, a union with God.  So that's what we are moving toward.  I think the practice in the book, including meditation, bring you toward the space, where you can be a good servant, a good giver.  A selfless servant.  And the way that the service component works, is good givers, are great getters."

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