Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The very people who drive us nuts, are the ones who will help us to become stronger.
They are some of our biggest challenges.  However, they also can turn into our biggest triumphs.
No matter if it's a relative, a co worker, a child, or significant other who is difficult, the challenge is the very thing we need in our lives for character development.  
We don't necessarily ask for those people challenges.  However, there is a part of us that needs the life lesson.  The lessons can take any of these forms:
Learning to stand up to someone.
Being more patient.
Knowing when to release someone.
Learning how to love.
Appreciating and honoring yourself like you honor others.
Respectful of other's feelings.
Being more compassionate.
Releasing fearing others.

Forgiveness of others.
Forgiving self.

Being more understanding.
Simply letting go of trying to be right.

The way I have found to deal with others is to ask the question.  What inside of me has caused this to reflect in_____________?  In other words, if John, a co-worker does not speak to you.  Ask yourself, 'What inside of me is reflected in John?'
It may be the memory you store as a child.  Someone completely ignored you, and your subconscious stored that memory that is reflected in John. 
If your child is not behaving, no matter how you discipline that child, the lesson may be you are trying too hard to make them behave.  You may be overbearing and too controlling.  It could also be the opposite.  You are too soft and not disciplining the child.  Or, the lesson could be to take more time to listen to the child and find out why is she misbehaving.
Standing up to ask why you are having difficulty with anyone is the first step to healing that relationship.  Too often we are quick to dismiss someone's behavior and not look at the responsibility we have to take in that experience.
Even a rude clerk in a grocery store can easily be a lesson overlooked.  Are you going to let that one person ruin your day?  Do you need to stand up and take the time to speak to their manager?  Are you going to overlook one more person being rude to you, or are you going to speak up?   Or maybe you are going to recognize that this clerk has a  problem and is suffering, and just release the incident? 
The answer to dealing with any difficult person is to first take responsibility and know this is something you need to clean up which is why that experience came to you.  These experiences are from old data, old memories that keep us stuck and keep repeating in our lives.
The way to cleanse the data and memory it is to say, to your data and memory,
I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you.
You are not saying this to the difficult person, but to your own data and memory to erase the program.  
I have found in my own life, just saying I love you over and over to the data inside of me that has attracted any unpleasant situation, has given me almost instant freedom and peace, especially with difficult people.  
Remember, You are not trying to change the other person.  You are only working on yourself and taking full responsibility.
Light, love and blessings,
Here is a video on this ancient practice of the old Hawaiian practice called Ho'oponopono,  One of our teachers, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, co-author of Zero Limits, who is being interviewed, explains this powerful cleansing process to deal with any challenge.

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